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25 Things To Do Before I turn 26

So, I recently celebrated my quarter of a century. šŸ™‚ Now that my car insurance is a whopping $50, I’ve decided to sit and reflect on the things I need/ want to do before the fun really ends…

1. Learn to paddle board. If I don’t like it, find some other amazing water sport to try.

2. Pay off my credit card debt.

3. Learn to speak Spanish. Or at the very least, hold a decent conversation.

4. Manage my money better. Stop wasting it on stupid shit like ATM fees.

5. Move to an actual city with a considerableĀ population of 20-somethings.

6. Quit my job. Or maybe evenĀ start down a new career path.

7. Hike at least once a month.

8. Learn to appreciate the beauty in the small things around me.

9. Work on letting the small things go. Because, in the end, it’s all small things.

10. Care about how I look at work.

11. COMPLETELY STOP SMOKING. No more of this “when I drink” nonsense.

12. Get real rest at night so that I don’t have to take mid-day power naps.


14. Start a retirement plan.

15. Fall in love again. Even if it’s just with a good book (but preferably with a man. lmao)

16. Explore more of Cal-i-forn-i-a.

17. Stop hiding my feelings out of fear of rejection.

18. Successfully keep a plant alive.

19. Spice up my wardrobe and actually wear the 2432432 pairs of heels in my closet.

20. Find something new that makes me happy.

21. Take timeĀ EVERY day to thank the Lord for what I have and the people in my life.

22. GO to concerts! ESPECIALLY free ones during the day. Hello day drinking!

23. Work on the relationship I have with my Dad.

24. Run a full marathon. That’s right the whole 26.2

25. Get an animal.

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