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Body Count on the Rise

So a few people have asked me to write about what I think about body count and your date, SO, fwb asking about it.

The topic stemmed from this guy, The Barber, asking me about my number. Here’s the story: So, me and The Barber were dating for a few months and about two months in we finally decided to do it. About a day later it apparently donned on him to ask me how many people I’ve had sex with. I lied, because well duh. I picked a relatively tame number- one that if I heard I’d be completely content with. He was not having it. I then asked how many people he’s been with, not because I care but because if you’re going to ask me I’m going to ask you, and he says “I don’t know but it’s less than that. Anyway, that’s __ dicks in you. That’s gross. Not to mention I’ve never had sex with a girl who’s had sex with black guys before.” The end of that statement is another story, but WTF. You’re going to ask me, pretend to be disgusted, yet you don’t even know what your own number is. OH okay. -___- 

Here’s my take. Who cares? Like really, who cares and why does it matter? Unless you’re both virgins, you’ve already ruined the sanctity of marriage so you can’t even use that excuse with me. I just think the whole premise of the question is unnecessary. You’re not asking because you just want to know. You’re asking because you’re trying to gauge on a scale of 1-10 how slutty the other person is. And that’s all subjective. Also, everybody lies about it. I have yet to meet anyone that says they actually tell the truth. So again, who cares?

Yes, STDs are a real thing. But it only takes one person to catch one. As long as you know the other person got checked and there’s nothing shady happening there, what. does. it matter? Does how many people the other person have sex with have a bearing on how you feel about them as a person? Again, if you’re not a virgin, you’ve already lost the moral victory.

In conclusion (Cher from Clueless voice), stop being so fucking nosy. You don’t need to know everything about the other person’s past. All you need to know is that he or she has a clean record and focus on the other factors of the relationship.

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